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With @United4Infra Infrastructure Week coming to an end, #Voices4Transit will continue urging our Members of Congress to keep their promises... made in the #IIJA and support infrastructure in all their policy decisions. This is only the beginning! #LeadWithInfrastructure

Today, FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez joined @GovInslee and @KitsapTransit Executive Director John Clauson to launch construction of the ... Silverdale Transit Center, a short walk to medical facilities, schools and residential areas.

Nothing like speedy travel by water! FTA Administrator Fernandez set off for @KitsapTransit's bus center groundbreaking in Silverdale, WA on... a hybrid electric ferry, which runs mostly on batteries. It's part of the agency's commitment to cleaner, greener transit.


For all the places we want to go, for ourselves, for our nation and for our future, public transportation gets us there. Public transportation empowers us to pursue education and job opportunities, to bring our dreams and goals to life. The American Public Transportation Association is dedicated to supporting a multi-modal lifestyle that allows mobility to all Americans. On publictransportation.org you can find details on leading a car-free lifestyle, how to find your local public transit system, and facts and figures on how riding transit can save you money.
Through Voices for Public Transportation you can become a part of our nationwide movement to expand public transportation by using social media to spread the message and contacting your elected officials.

What is NAPTA?

NAPTA (National Alliance of Public Transportation Advocates) is a national organization representing grassroots transit coalitions, grassroots transit rider organizations and advocates that support increasing investment in public transportation.
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